Number Drop

Number Drop 1.0

If you keep dropping numbers they can quickly add up

Simple match-three games are a dime a dozen, but Number Drop adds just enough to the familiar formula to make it stand out. View full description


  • Good control scheme
  • A nice twist on a tried and tested formula
  • Inoffensive look and sound


  • A little bland
  • Inadvertently touching the screen can infuriate

Very good

Simple match-three games are a dime a dozen, but Number Drop adds just enough to the familiar formula to make it stand out.

A tiny twist of freshness

Taking place on a 6x7 grid, your main goal is to match numbered counters together in groups of three or more as they drop from the top of the screen.

Numbers appear in pairs and, once matched, predictably blip out of existence. Here, however, is where the game differentiates itself. Rather than completely vanishing, the bulk of the numbers contract down into a single counter of the next number up. So, three or more threes will turn into a single four.

It sounds like a tiny change but, with higher numbers offering a bigger score and the current highest digit never organically appearing at the top of the screen through play (and thus having to be formed from other counters), it adds a new level of planning and strategy to the simple and addictive matching formula.

By the numbers

Before the pairs of numbers drop you can easily plan your next move by spinning and positioning them in a 6x2 area above the main grid. Touching the two counters rotates them, while tapping to either side will politely move them one square in the desired direction. Once you are happy with the position, a simple tap on the main play area will see it drop.

It’s a simple system that is probably really easy to learn, however I regularly found myself tapping a little too low and accidentally dropping the counters early. This often didn’t cause a huge problem, but when it made the counters come crashing down in the wrong spot causing them to block a future move or burst above the 6x7 grid to end my current run, it did prove frustrating.

All the bells and whistles

There is nothing visually impressive to Number Drop. Each counter’s different pastel color is easy on the eye though, so at least when you make a mistake the general look of the game keeps you calm.

A pleasing slide whistle also accompanies each matched group - which is always guaranteed to make me smile.

Drop in a give it a go

It may not set itself too far apart form the competition, but Number Drop brings just enough to keep it fresh. Add to that good controls and a pleasant look, and you have one puzzle game that is well worth a download.

Number Drop


Number Drop 1.0